Back & Neck Care Bootcamp

Your Mission: 
To learn all you can about taking care of your back and neck. ChiroPros Back & Neck Care Bootcamp is just one resource to help you succeed in this mission. It is best used as a part of a comprehensive therapy program. Always follow the advice of your treating chiropractor. When you’ve completed the program you’ll be a seasoned veteran who knows how to successfully take care of your spine.

Open to everyone, whether a patient or not, patient of another doctor, family member, spouse, co-worker or friend, come find ways to take more control over your spine health. Education and proper exercises for the back and neck will empower you to feel better, move naturally and be well.

No treatment program for back or neck pain is complete without a great deal of attention to the prevention of further back or neck problems. It is a common assumption that most simple cases of back or neck pain will eventually go away no matter what type of treatment a patient receives. The problem is that 90% of these patients will have recurring bouts of back and neck pain! Without proper instruction on how to protect the spine, they will continue to do things that lead to further injury and deterioration of the spine. Without information about how to practice good spine health, patients are at risk for having increasing problems and are apt to eventually develop disabling back or neck pain.

The truth is that most people who’ve had back or neck pain once don’t get completely better by themselves. They may begin to have less pain, but that isn’t always a sign that everything has returned to normal.

Scientists have determined that having back or neck pain, even once, can alter the way your back and abdominal muscles work, which can leave your spine unsupported and prone to another injury. That’s where ChiroPros Back & Neck Care Bootcamp comes in. It details these new facts. It teaches you new ways to exercise your back and neck that will safely energize your muscles again to protect your back and neck and to reduce the chances of having a future problem. ChiroPros Back & Neck Care Bootcamp gives immediate guidance to help you head off potential long-term problems--before they occur.

Call (616) 464-1091 today to reserve your seat, Bootcamp is offered once a month on a scheduled time and date. It lasts for 1 hour and refreshments are served. All participants are asked to dress comfortably. There is a nominal fee for the Bootcamp and handouts.

This workshop is designed to be used during a treatment program for back or neck pain supervised by a health care provider. The information contained in the Bootcamp is compiled from a wide variety of sources. It may not be complete or comprehensive. It does not cover all diseases, physical conditions, limitations, ailments or treatments. This Bootcamp and contents therein does NOT take the place of working with a qualified health care provider. This Bootcamp and its contents should only be used in conjunction with a formal back and neck care treatment plan. The information should NOT be used in place of an individual consultation, examination or coordinated treatment regimen.

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