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When a joint does not move through its full range, the unused muscle fibers shorten and overstretched muscles lengthen. This “locks-in” restricted patterns of joint motion, as joints stiffen and muscle fibers weaken. Over time, the result is a cycle of poor posture, body motion, and increased biomechanical stress on the body.

Daily stretching exercises help create a virtuous motion cycle. Freeing locked joints allows them to move, and unlocking joints allows muscles to fully shorten (or contract) and lengthen (or stretch). The best way to stay active is to keep the spine and joints moving as you age.

Chiropractic adjustments unlock, restore and maintain joint motion. By mobilizing joints (frequently in the spine, but other joints as well) the chiropractor reduces spinal joint misalignment and other posture and motion distortions. In fact, freeing a compressed nerve or restoring motion can affect other parts of the body via the control subsystem (CNS-brain, spinal cord).

Massage therapy lengthens tight muscles and breaks up adhesions. Massage techniques such as deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, transverse friction and trigger point therapy are effective at opening restrictions of the contracting subsystem (muscles). Other benefits can be pain relief, which affects the control subsystem, improved circulation and general stress reduction (a good thing!).

Strengthening exercises as a life habit trains the body to keep moving with conscious, full range of motion and keeps muscles from wasting. They help keep your spine in proper alignment.

Remember, follow the treatment recommendations, perform the exercises and adopt intelligent life habits.

Normal and balanced motion promotes effective exercise and an active lifestyle. Strengthening exercises help you move and age well.

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